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Typical products

To bring  home or to taste in Livigno’s restaurants!

Cold Cuts
The choice of local cold cuts is wide, starting from classic salamini, to Valtellina ham or violino (goat ham).
Don’t miss:
Bresaola. Air dried meat marinated with spices.
Slinzega. Similar to bresaola, but in smaller spicier pieces

Dairy products
Wide selection of genuine flavours, produced always in Livigno valley. This secular tradition, is now brought forward in a modern dairies, such as Latteria di Livigno.
– Fresh milk. Packaged in a short time from milking. Raw milk dispenser, open 24 hours a day in via Plan 93.
Yoghurt. with great tastes, produced by Latteria di Livigno.
– Cheese. fresh or mature, the best way to bring home the alpine flavours. Try Bitto and Casera DOP.

Typical dishes
As for all mountain dishes, these too have a distinctive taste.
Our selection:
Pizzoccheri. Buckwheat tagliatelle, cooked with vegetables ( potatoes and Savoy cabbage) dressed with cheese and melted butter.
Sciatt. Small fritters made with buckwheat flour and with a hearth of melted cheese
Polenta. Mush made with cornmeal and buckwheat flour and with a lot of cheese.


For over 30 years Alpi Carni produces the legandary BRISAOLA in a plant of more than 2600mq which pay attention to enviorment and sustainable, here Cantoni’s family carry on with a tradition extended in time and now strengthened, in his dealers in Livigno the “Meat Market” in Saroch zone,  the “Casa della Bresaola” and the “Cheese House” you can find all the local deliciousness, a wide meat, cheese and dairy products assortment for any type of occasion.

Among the novelties there is also the BRISAULI’ that is a smoked brisaola in pine-needles, bay leafs, juniper berries.

We remember that our products, as bresola, the slinzeghe and the Brisaulì are all gluten free, for all type of diet. The firm is included in the handbook for coeliac.

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