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Whiskeria Toilasor

A historical name from Livigno dialect that means barn, which is usually placed on the top of the roof. Historically, Toilasor used to be a district of Livigno and consisted of houses, farmsteads and meadows. In this part of town there was also “Al Bait da Valentin da Basc’tian”, today our Restaurant Pizzeria and Whysky Bar Toilasor.
toilasor livignoTogheter with the really nice restaurant, yYou can also visit our Whisky Bar to learn more about the universe of the most consumed distilled drink of the world, with a lot of different tastes like peat, pure malt, other cereals or originating from the sherry barrels.

We are located near the swiss customs of Forcola Pass, 25 minutes away from S.Moritz and 5 minutes away from the center of Livigno.
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Our goal is to propose the most prestigious selection of whisky in Livigno.
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whiskeria toilasor livigno 08Whiskeria Ristorante Toilasor
Via Compart 19
tel. 00390342979259
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