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Cantina Hotel Bivio

Are you looking for an intimate yet quiet and warm atmosphere? Our typical Bivio Cantina restaurant, with a choice of 350 types of wines, is for sure the place to be!
Cantina Hotel Bivio Livigno 03

Able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes, it offers refined recipes, inspired by the local traditions but recreated with a modern twist.
Cantina Hotel Bivio Livigno 01

Cantina Hotel Bivio Livigno 02

Here you will also find excellent fresh-fish dishes, in particular you will be able to see the lobsters directly in our aquarium. The menu changes according to the season to enhance the freshness and quality of the ingredients.
Cantina Hotel Bivio Livigno 04

Hotel Bivio
Via Plan 422 /a
T +39 0342 996 137
F +39 0342 997 621

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