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Here in alphabetical order the most interessant situations for your aperitif, meeting in tranquillity

– Alegra, Via Saroch 1274/B

At the start of Carosello 3000 gondola, excellent bar for yours wine tastings and aperitif, well maintained and great view.
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The Best Apreski in Livigno Wed, 23 Jul 2014 15:42:43 +0000

Here in alphabetical order the most interessant situations for the apreski

Stalet, Via Saroch 1242/G
The 2018/19 season saw the rise of the Stalet, it is the apreski that has most excited and involved tourists.
The Stalet is located in the Carosello 3000
Its structure, recognizable by the large umbrella with white and red stripes, can hold almost 1000 people.
If you want to have fun it’s absolutely the right place.
The party starts on the terrace to then continue inside with animation, DJs, different theme parties every day and the new super console in the shape of a bull.

Kosmo, Via Corta 21
The Kosmo (ex Tea del Vidal) in its 3rd season has proposed several events with artists, Italian DJs, is at the start of Mottolino.
Cozy environment with DJs and entertainment.

Tagliede, Via Ostaria 79
In Livigno’s centre you find Tagliede Apreski, a good meeting point for your afternoons, an excellent staff.

10 things to try in Livigno Sun, 23 Mar 2014 15:00:45 +0000

1. Try the emotion of a flight with paragliding, starting from Carosello 3000 or Costaccia, from on high is more beautiful, try to belive.

2. A visit to the Latteria di Livigno (dairy store) is required, you can taste typical product of the zone, the fantastic ice-cream, observe the different productiond steps of milk and cheese.

3. An afternoon at Aquagranda, the biggest wellness centre in Livigno, that will welcome you with all its services: semi-Olympic pool, the area ‘s beauty and fitness with cardio machines and some tools.
01_piscina acquagranda livigno

4. You should see, at least once, Dj Chiquito, in action, you can find him at apreski Stalet, at the start of Carosello 3000, in a party and  nice atmosphere, and a dj really freakish.

5. Ski teacher’s show every tuesday at Scuola Sci Centrale, on hour of unique show, very involving and spectacular.

6. Guided hikes on snow-covered trails in Livigno during the entire winter season. Tours in Federia, Larix Park, on the track cross-country skiing Cassana and Mottolino bike park!
fat bike 3

7. A jump on the Bagjump of the LivignoPArk Carosello 3000, try the emotion to jump on the big mattress in complete safety, to try some evolution.

8. A visit to the Ice Skating S.Maria Livigno where you will find the skate rental.

9. Would you like to go ski after the closing-time of lifts or spend a different night? Try the emotion of a night ski on thursday from 20.30 to 22.30 at lift 23 Campo Scuola.
scuola centrale livigno

10. …

Where we go tonight in Livigno Sun, 23 Feb 2014 07:06:20 +0000

Here in alphabetical order the most interessant situations where to go party

Bivio Club, Via Plan 422/A
Is located in centre under Hotel Bivio, a lot of animation, theme night, allways different dj’s.
Very popular at all times from  international customers, very friendly staff, reccomended.

Marcos Pub, Via Saroch 591
In San Rocco zone, pub just redone, possibility even to eat.
Great place to rest assured accompanied by good music sought.
live performances by rock bands and music artists.


Miky’s Pub, Via Pontiglia 149
In Livigno’s centre, the pub with the slide at the entrance in a mountain atmosphere. The pub is  very popular between international customers, a night at Miky’s dont’ fail, good music and good cocktails, reccomended

Where can we eat in Livigno Thu, 23 Jan 2014 07:02:30 +0000

In alphabetical order some advices for your dinners

Agriturismo Fontanella
You eat well withgenuiine food and wine prepared by Giuseppe, friendly atmosphere with a view of the barn.

Bait Del Ghet
Very popular in the village, there is queue at every time, the owner Chicco will welcome you with his personality, cheap prices, ideal for numerous groups, handy the central position.

In Livigno centre, fixed appointment for many tourists for its unique and young atmosphere between modern and tradiction, fast and good kitchen, various possibilities of seats and of prices, wide menù, very good also for the aperitif.

Camana Veglia
Charming Restaurant Camana Veglia. An intimate, warm and refined in the quaint dining room completely covered in wood , where guests can breathe the atmosphere of ancient huts of Livigno beginning ‘ 900. For romantics do not miss the room ” Stua Mata ” with only three tables.

Forcola area, it’s worth 10 minutes by car, all rewarded with a fantastic kitchen, delicious dishes and unique flavors, with special attention to treating food with new techniques that enhance the flavors of our culinary tradition,
sensitive to food allergies, pets are welcome.

In San Rocco zone, welcoming and elegant atmosphere. Good also fish dishes, wide wine menu, excellent local dishes and pizzas, medium prices.

Situated in Livigno centre represent a benchmark from years. A warm local architecture (very beautiful the Stube room) and a careful and finicky service makes of this restaurant a place that guarantee a good Valtellina kitchen, the best “sciatt” of Livigno!!!Excellent pizzas, good prices with a wide menu.

Great food and pizza, typical cuisine, maindishes with meat of first choice.

Gift from Livigno Thu, 07 Nov 2013 09:58:37 +0000 Here are some gift ideas for your gifts from Livigno:

Da El Corambrero Via plan 361/363 Tel. 0342 996579 E-Mail:
you will find:
Carpet typical Valtellina done with the hand-loom, it is difficult to find them still made by hand !
corambrero livigno 1

Puppies and kittens that breathe, look real . If you see an animal on display, are the perfectpetzzz . Original!
corambrero livigno 4 - Copia
corambrero livigno 5 - Copia

Magnets in wood, ceramic , resin of various forms, written, humorous, classic and sports related in Livigno.
corambrero livigno 7

Department home, flaps, pot holders, tea towels, aprons branded Livigno, suitable gift for all the grandmothers and aunts.
corambrero livigno 6 - Copia

Soapstone, product characteristic Valtellina, shards of stone engraved by hand one by one with landscapes of Livigno.
corambrero livigno 2 - Copia

Clocks Kuku hand-carved wood, brass gear, authentic Black Forest. Hones mechanically operated, with the charge weight of the pine cones.
corambrero livigno 3 - Copia