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10 things to try in Livigno

1. Try the emotion of a flight with paragliding, starting from Carosello 3000 or Costaccia, from on high is more beautiful, try to belive.

2. A visit to the Latteria di Livigno (dairy store) is required, you can taste typical product of the zone, the fantastic ice-cream, observe the different productiond steps of milk and cheese.

3. An afternoon at Aquagranda, the biggest wellness centre in Livigno, that will welcome you with all its services: semi-Olympic pool, the area ‘s beauty and fitness with cardio machines and some tools.
01_piscina acquagranda livigno

4. You should see, at least once, Dj Chiquito, in action, you can find him at apreski Stalet, at the start of Carosello 3000, in a party and  nice atmosphere, and a dj really freakish.

5. Ski teacher’s show every tuesday at Scuola Sci Centrale, on hour of unique show, very involving and spectacular.

6. Guided hikes on snow-covered trails in Livigno during the entire winter season. Tours in Federia, Larix Park, on the track cross-country skiing Cassana and Mottolino bike park!
fat bike 3

7. A jump on the Bagjump of the LivignoPArk Carosello 3000, try the emotion to jump on the big mattress in complete safety, to try some evolution.

8. A visit to the Ice Skating S.Maria Livigno where you will find the skate rental.

9. Would you like to go ski after the closing-time of lifts or spend a different night? Try the emotion of a night ski on thursday from 20.30 to 22.30 at lift 23 Campo Scuola.
scuola centrale livigno

10. …

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