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Livigno from A to Z

I Love Livigno identified for each letter of the alphabet something important that distinguished them Livigno.
livigno dalla a alla z

– A:  Apreski:  In the cold winters the apreski has become a meeting point for the entertainment of tourists of all ages and of all Countries in the world.
livigno apreski

– B: 
Brisaola:  The dried beef is a product so dear and loved by tourists and local, we prefer the meat marinated with spices and dried in Livigno with the I (brisaola) of Alpi Carni.
livigno brisaola - Copia

Carosello 3000 :  The ski area that reaches 2,800 meters above sea level, with many miles of trails for all levels, 2 mountain huts, 2 restaurants at the start, 2 apreski and more… www.carosello3000.com.
livigno carosello 3000

Downhill:  To experience a day of pure adrenaline. For several years the slopes of mountainbike downhill at Mottolino and  many riders animate the summer in Livigno.
livigno downhill

F  Freeride:  Since last winter you can enjoy freeriding in the village for the all season, this thanks to the innovative local avalanche bulletin and the freeride project involving Livigno, guides, experts, heli-skiing.
livigno freeride

G  Gigi Galli:  “Hullu Gallo” is a rally driver from Livigno, who over the years has proved its worth in rallying world. Beloved by fans for his spectacular driving and sympathy, recently participated in the italian edition of the world rallycross.
livigno gigi galli

– H  Handy Sport Livigno:  The group of disabled people in the village who took part in various sports events in Italy and more. The group is followed by really good educators. They organize every year the “Winter Olympics for the Disabled”.
handy sport livigno

I  I Love Livigno:  The  blog-facebook-app project launched in September 2011 following everything that happens in the “Little Tibet” taking care to residents as well as the tourists.
livigno ilovelivigno - Copia

K  Kids – Kindergarten:  Livigno is the ideal place for holidays of children. The kids find in summer and in winter many activities for their fun and games: track boats, cars, trampoline, small farm, rides, tapisrouland, inflatables and much more…!
We recommend the Playground Lupigno:  www.scuolascilivigno.com.
livigno kids

– L  Latteria:  A visit to the Latteria in the lake area is a must. Here you can see the processing of milk with real tours, tasting cheeses, local products and enjoy an ice cream with a fantastic view. In the Latteria there is also the opportunity to visit the Alpine Diorama.
livigno latteria

M  Mottolino:  The slope of the Mottolino offers refuge in the mountains, skiing and snowboarding for all levels, kindergarten free of charge, a famous snowpark and more… www.mottolino.com.
mottolino livigno

– N   Nine Knights
:  One of the most important contest in the freestyle sky and mtb world. The knights, called to groped  the assault on the famous castles in the snow and wood of Livigno, are ready to show off their biggest tricks with spectacular jumps.
nine knights livigno

– O  Ostaria:  Ostaria is a district of the village, called the “zone of frogs” because at the time there was very swampy terrain and the presence of many frogs. The districts are 8: Livigno Center, Comunin-Pemont, Forcola Ostaria, Plan Sora, Saroch, Teola, Trepalle.
ostaria livigno

– P  Park: 
Livigno is famous for its snowparks and is home to the Freestyle , the Mottolino park is the oldest (since 1997) and theater of international events, training of top riders and international photo-video shooting, there is the LivignoPArk Carosello 3000 with an easy and fun park active by many years and there is a series of mini parks in the village.
park livigno

– Q  Quad
:  Ideal for those who want to spend a day of reckless driving.
quad livigno

– R  Roberto Nani: 
In recent years, after the excellent results of Giorgio Rocca we still have a top athlete, coming from Livigno,  in the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, this is Roberto Nani. He have take a really good resoult in his career.
Last year was ranked 8th in the world ranking of giant slalom.
livigno roberto nani - Copia

– S  Skieda – Sgambeda
:  Two top events, the week-gathering of telemarkers around the world, now in its 21st edition, and Sgambeda, the international cross country marathon, now in its Twenty-Third year, opens every year  the winter season.
skieda livigno

– T   Trepalle
:  Is a hamlet of Livigno. With its 2,069 meters above sea level is considered to be the highest inhabited place in Italy and the second highest in Europe.
trepalle livigno

– V   Val Federia
:  Val Federia, located parallel to the Livigno valley, is rich in flora and fauna. Inhabited and exploited by grazing the top, which is grown in the low only during the summer, it offers a wonderful and unique habitat.
Val Federia livigno

–  W   Wood’n’art
:  It ‘s a competition/exhibition that brings artists, techniques and works of art out of the indoors of their studies. The artists have at their disposal an enormous larch trunk, 2.00 meters high and 0.50 meters wide, and will compete for five days working it and turning it into a work of art.
woodnart livigno

– Z   Zona extradoganale
:  Livigno is a free zone and there is not VAT. For this reason the shopping is really convenient, particularly alcohol, tobacco, fragrance, sugar and fuel.
zona extradoganale livigno

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