Gift from Livigno

Here are some gift ideas for your gifts from Livigno:

Da El Corambrero Via plan 361/363 Tel. 0342 996579 E-Mail:
you will find:
Carpet typical Valtellina done with the hand-loom, it is difficult to find them still made by hand !
corambrero livigno 1

Puppies and kittens that breathe, look real . If you see an animal on display, are the perfectpetzzz . Original!
corambrero livigno 4 - Copia
corambrero livigno 5 - Copia

Magnets in wood, ceramic , resin of various forms, written, humorous, classic and sports related in Livigno.
corambrero livigno 7

Department home, flaps, pot holders, tea towels, aprons branded Livigno, suitable gift for all the grandmothers and aunts.
corambrero livigno 6 - Copia

Soapstone, product characteristic Valtellina, shards of stone engraved by hand one by one with landscapes of Livigno.
corambrero livigno 2 - Copia

Clocks Kuku hand-carved wood, brass gear, authentic Black Forest. Hones mechanically operated, with the charge weight of the pine cones.
corambrero livigno 3 - Copia


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