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Ristorante Camino

Here in the Restaurant Camino, the satisfaction of our guests is our main objective. For this we have selected very carefully genuine raw materials, respecting any peculiarities from their production. We prefer to use local products and we try to combine a skilled use of new techniques to enhance the flavors of our traditional cusine.
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An eye on what you eat. If you have any intolerances or allergies please let our restaurant staff know before you order.
In the kitchen we are ready to meet your needs, taking all the necessary precautions and using specific certified foods.
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The restaurant has two dining rooms. In the main dining room you have the possibility to enjoy the excellent cuisine at your comfort, enveloped in a traditional atmosphere and the perfume of Larch, which entirely covers the wall of the dining room.
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In our kitchen every dish, ingredient and flavour is the result of continuous research to enhance and improve not only the culinary aspect which is fundamental for us, but also to pursue, protect and at the same time focus on products, traditions and techniques in danger of disappearing from memory. Ours is not a research that lays boundaries, but that aims to explore and keep alive recipes from the Mediterranean, national and international cuisine to enrich our gastronomic knowledge and satisfy the tastes of clients from all around the globe who come to visit Livigno.
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You can create your own menu from our very varied restaurant menu assortment, which has been created to satisfy any requirement or we can suggest a selection of dishes that vary from day to day in keeping with the season and the fantasy of our chefs. If our suggestions have not made your mouth water or you have not found the preparation you desire, you just have to ask and we will look to prepare a dish tailored for you. From our bar and wine list you will find a number of choices to accompany any moment of the day.
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Hotel Ristorante Bar Camino,
Via Compart 445 tel +39 0342 979262

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