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Carosello 3000 Lift Facilities

The Ski Area Carosello 3000 has over 10 lifts of which

2  passenger detachable gondolas of 8 seats
2  passenger detachable gondolas of 6 seats
1  passenger detachable chairlift of 6 seats
3  passenger detachable chairlifts of 4 seats
2  passenger fixed-grip chairlifts
These are modern ski lifts which will bring you fast to the height of 2.800 m above sea level so that you can enjoy a wonderful view and have a great time skiing.

Livigno-Tagliede – gondola
The lift Livigno-Tagliede is a brand new 8-seat gondola. The start station is located in the centre of Livigno, at an altitude of 1819 meters. With it you can reach an altitude of 2017 meters.
Close to the station there are the Carosello 3000 agency, the bar & restaurant Tagliede, the National Ski School Azzurra and the Authorized Ticket lift pass SITAS.

Tagliede – Costaccia – gondola
The gondola Tagliede – Costaccia is the continuation of the gondola Livigno – Tagliede. This 8 seat-lift takes will take you from 2013 to 2358 metres. Out of the arrival station, you find the Costaccia Refuge, bar and restaurant, where you can spend some time resting during your day on the snow.

Carosello I – gondola
The lift Carosello I is a 6-seat gondola which goes from 1844 to 2232 metres. At the start station, located in the area “Saroch” you will find the Authorized Ticket lift pass Carosello, the Bar Restaurant “Stalet”, the National Ski School Azzurra and the après-ski Stalet.

Carosello II – gondola
The lift Carosello II is the continuation if the Carosello I. The departure of the gondola is located at 2238 metres while the arrival point is at 2749 metres. From here you can enjoy a stunning sight on the mountains of Livigno. Once arrived, you will also be able to take a rest at the Refuge Carosello 3000. At the top is the Refuge Carosello 3000 with its many restaurants and outdoor terrace.

Baby Lac Salin
The Baby Lac Salin is a 3-seat chairlift which goes from 2704 to 2754 metres.

Val Federia – Salin
The lift Federia is a 6-seat chairlift which takes people from 2466 metres to 2760 metres.

Blesaccia I
This lift is a 3-seat chairlift which takes people from 2248 to 2260 metres.

Blesaccia II
A 4-seat chairlift which goes to 2798 metres.

Valandrea Vetta
Situated close to the Refuge Costaccia, the lift Valandrea-Vetta is a 4-seat chairlift which reaching the altitude of 2614 metres.

This lift is a 4-seat chairlift whose arrival point lies at  2701 metres

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