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Livigno from A to Z

livigno dalla a alla z

I Love Livigno identified for each letter of the alphabet something important that distinguished them Livigno. – A:  Apreski:  In the cold winters the apreski has become a meeting point for the entertainment of tourists of all ages and of all Countries in the world. – B:  Brisaola:  The dried …

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Duty Free Allowance

extradoganale livigno

Importation of goods from the duty—free zone of Livigno to EU countries (excluding Switzerland). for each traveller TABACCO PRODUCTS: ClGARETT’ES  200 pieces or (a 10-packet carton) or CIGARS  50 pieces or CIGAREtTES (maxim weight equal to 3 g. per piece)  100 pieces or SMOKING TOBACCO  250 grams ALCOHOL AND ALCOHOLIC …

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Livigno History


Livigno was first mentioned in in some Medieval documents, where it was called “Vinea et Vineola” and identified as high mountain pastures under the control of Venosta Family in the 1100 AD. Around the end of 14th Century an independent parish was set up, which means that a village inhabited …

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Livigno Key figures


Altitude: 1816- 3000 meters Inhabitants: 6,050 Surface of the ski area: 75 sq km Downhill ski slopes: 115 kms (72 miles) Cross-country ski trails: 40 kms (25 miles) Lift facilities: 31 Total lift capacity: 50.100 people an hour Footpaths: more than 1,500 kms (935 miles) on the whole Alta Valtellina Hotels: 110 Apartments: …

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Getting to Livigno


BY CAR From the North Tunnel Munt la Schera – Punt La Drossa. Open all year 24 hours a day. Open in alternating one-way. Tarifs: People and vehicles, car up to 9 seats, Go ticket :15-17 euros Further information: www.engadin-strom.ch From the South Forcola Pass, usually open 24 hours a day. …

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Typical products


To bring  home or to taste in Livigno’s restaurants! Cold Cuts The choice of local cold cuts is wide, starting from classic salamini, to Valtellina ham or violino (goat ham). Don’t miss: –Bresaola. Air dried meat marinated with spices. –Slinzega. Similar to bresaola, but in smaller spicier pieces Dairy products …

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Wine and Spirits


WINES “ Very strong”: this is what Leonardo da Vinci  thought about Valtellina’s wines. These wines are made with grapes picked with great effort from the terraces which with hard work were built up on the mountains. This tradition in wine producing is by now celebrated and appreciated world-wide. Valtellina …

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